Patient Notebook CRS: How To Pay Your Bill


  • Have your statement ready as you’ll need some information from it
  • Patients without a statement can use the alternative payment process
  • The portal provides patients with an easy information update system
  • Update account information at

The only good medical bill is one that has been paid and crossed off of your things to do list. That’s why Patient Notebook CRS is making things EASY.

For instance, just grab your statement and locate your account number and statement ID. Once you have both pieces of information, enter them into the fields located at the top of the page. Next thing you know you’ll be well on your way to getting that bill paid. And hopefully moving on to bigger and better things like planning your next vacation!


Paying Without a Statement at

As we stated earlier there is a simple process for this.

Click the Don’t have statement? link located at the top of the page.

Once the new page appears complete the form and click the Continue button to complete your payment. Just make sure to fill out the form in it’s ENTIRETY. The system may not be able to process your payment without all of the required information.


Thrifty Tip: If possible avoid paying bills with a credit card in order to avoid interest charged by the credit card company.

Thrifty Tip 2: Paying your credit card bill of in full each month will help avoid interest from piling up. 


By the way, patients who already have an account can login to manage it. In order to do so, hit the Sign In Button and enter your login info. In addition to signing in, the portal allows for new patients to create an account.


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