Provider IAS Admin Portal:  How to Begin

  • New providers can register for online account access
  • Existing users can login with a username and password
  • The portal provides password recovery assistance

Providers can now check claim payment status, verify eligibility, and review HIPAA transactions thanks to the one stop shop know as the Provider IAS Admin portal.  However, the portal requires registration before granting access to these convenient feature.  Providers can click the Provider Login box to begin registration.  Next, the system will direct the provider to the login screen where they can click the Register Here link to complete the required enrollment form.  After successful registration, providers can login to the portal using a username and account password.  Additionally, the Provider IAS Admin portal provides a Remember Me box that providers can check for expedited account access.

A Look at Central States Indemnity

  • People often refer to the insurance company simply as CSI (kinda like the show)
  • CSI ‘s origins go back to 1932 and the Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha
  • Berkshire Hathaway acquired the company in 1992 (60 years after its orgination)
  • CSI is licensed for business in all 50 states (including DC) and is located in Omaha

The Provider IAS Admin portal provides password recovery help under the Forgot password? link.  After clicking the link, the provider will be directed to a new screen where they can enter an email address.  Once the provider submits an email address, the Provider IAS Admin portal will send the password.

Providers can click the A icons located at the top right hand side of the portal to change the text size shown on-screen.  In addition to the text resizing tool, the portal also provides a link to the Medicare website (quite convenient).  Providers can click the Need Help? link to send questions via email.

CSI Contact Information

  • 1212 North 96th St.
  • Omaha, Nebraska 68114
  • 402-997-8000