How to Submit Your Rebate: Alcon Choice

  • You’ll need a rebate code to begin your online submission
  • You can check the current status of a submitted rebate
  • Alcon contact information is available
  • Begin at

We all love our rebates (those of us who like saving money, anyways).  However, what may not be as greatly admired is the PROCESS of getting your rebate.  The good news is, some manufacturers make it EASY.  For example, Alcon contact lens customers can complete the process online.  In order to start a rebate, you’ll first need to enter your email address.  Once you’ve entered your email, you’ll need to provide your rebate code to continue with the online rebate process.

More on Getting Your Rebate for Alcon Choice at

  • It is important to have your contact lens purchase receipt at hand (it’ll be needed)
  • In addition to the lens purchase receipt, you’ll need your eye exam receipt
  • Don’t forget to provide a photo of the UPC from one of your contact lens boxes
  • There is a separate process if you purchased lenses before February, 1st 2019

If you purchased Dailies branded contacts before February 1st, 2019, you’ll need to confirm the type.  Once you confirm the type, you can move onto the online rebate form and provide your submission.  Please note that ALL fields of the form are a requirement (name, email address, birth months, birth year, and zip code).

By the way, if you already submitted a claim, you can check the status just as easily!  To do so, click the Check your rebate claim status link.  Next, you’ll need to provide a rebate reference number and email address to proceed.  If you have problems finding your rebate try calling 855-344-6871 for help.  In addition to status checks, you can also call this number for help with submitting your rebate.

Alcon Address

  • 6201 South Freeway
  • Fort Worth, TX 76134‑2001

Start Your Rebate

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