Spectrum Mobile: Activate a New Device

  • Account login is required to begin the activation process
  • Username and password recovery assistance is available
  • New customers can register for online account access

The thrill of receiving a a brand new cell phone may be slightly diminished by a confusing activation process.  Fortunately, Spectrum customers shouldn’t have to worry about such a problem.  The simple process of activating a device can be initiated by going to the Spectrum Mobile Activate page and signing into an existing account with a username and password (see below example image).  Once logged in, the Start Activation link can be clicked to proceed with activating the device.  It should be pointed out that those who are transferring service must enter the account details from the previous carrier prior to activating the Spectrum Mobile device.


More on the Spectrum Mobile Activation Process

  • The SIM card must be inserted prior to activation (use the handy ejector tool!)
  • Samsung and LG phones come with a SIM card already inserted (convenient)
  • Upon successful activation of the phone a confirmation email will be received
  • Once activated the phone can be turned on and connected to WiFi for set up

Those who are having problems getting into an account due to a forgotten password can click the link posted below the login fields to begin the account recovery process.  After clicking the link, a zip code can be entered to proceed.  In addition to the password recovery link, a Remember Me box is also posted at the Spectrum Mobile Activate page that can be clicked for an expedited login process in the future.

Customers who have yet to sign up for online access will need to do so prior to activating a new Spectrum Mobile device.  This can be initiated by clicking the Create Username link at the Spectrum Mobile Activate page and verifying account information.  Questions about Spectrum Mobile plans can be addressed by calling support.

Spectrum Mobile Device Support Numbers

  • 833-224-6603
  • 704-731-3001 (international callers)