Taking the Talk to Grosvenor Survey

  • A location must be selected in order to begin
  • A copy of the survey’s Privacy Policy is provided
  • Grosvenor contact information is available

After experiencing the excitement of  a trip to a Grosvenor location, one likely forms a few opinions.  Fortunately, these opinions can now be shared through the convenient “Talk to Grosvenor” online survey.  The survey can be started by first selecting the location that was visited (a drop down list is provided).  After confirming the location the Next button can be clicked to proceed to the following page where the date and time of the visit can be entered to resume with the feedback.  In addition to the date and time, a Grosvenor card number can also be entered before taking the Talk to Grosvenor survey (the card number is needed to enter the monthly prize draw so make sure it’s handy!).


An Overhead View of Grosvenor

  • 52 locations can be found throughout the United Kingdom (mostly in the south)
  • Many locations offer upscale restaurants (take a break from the action and dine!)
  • 8 different locations can be found throughout the bustling metropolis of London
  • Many locations are open 24/7 (good for those who work the night shift)

Those who need to revisit a previous screen can do so at any time by clicking the Back button located at the bottom of the Talk to Grosvenor survey.  Further, those concerned with how information provided during the survey will be shared or collected may wish to review the Privacy Policy also posted at the bottom of the page (always a good idea to review before taking an online survey).

Questions for Grosvenor can be addressed by calling 0800 083 1990 between the hours of 8 AM and Midnight.  Inquiries can also be made by writing to the companies PO Box in Maidenhead.

Grosvenor Mailing Address

  • PO Box 4933, Maidenhead, SL60 1WL