TBC-Rebates Reward Center

  • Make sure you have your offer code ready to roll
  • You can also begin without submitting an offer code
  • An easy status check system is available
  • Begin at www.tbc-rebates.com

Buying tires and getting a nice little rebate go together like peanut butter and jelly (or peanut butter and bananas if you’re Elvis).  However, the problem is the actual “redeeming of the rebate” part.  Fortunately, those who received a rebate from NTB, Merchant’s, or Tire Kingdom should have a pretty easy go of it.  For instance, all you need to get started on a rebate from these retailers is visit the TBC-Rebates Reward Center (it’s online, not a physical location!).  Once at the center, go ahead and enter the offer code you received to begin with your rebate submission.

Handy Features of the TBC-Rebates Reward Center

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Question? Here ya go: www.tbc-rebates.com/faqs
  • Rebate Card Balance – You can find out by entering your rebate card number
  • Support – If the FAQs don’t work call a representative or strike up an online chat
  • FAQ Search – Can’t find what you need?  Try typing in your question

In addition to these great features, the TBC-Rebates Reward Center also let’s you check the status of your rebate.  In order to do so, click the Track link and enter your tracking number.  No tracking number?  No problem!  Just enter your name and zip code (you can also enter optional info such as a phone number and email address).

Finally, you can also begin a rebate without an offer code.  To do so, click the Start without a code button.  Next, simply enter the date of your purchase to begin a rebate submission.  If you get stuck at any point of the process, you can always try calling the TBC-Rebates Reward Center for further assistance (available between 6 AM and 6 PM PST Monday through Friday).

TBC-Rebates Reward Center Support Number

  • 855-701-4174


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