Taking the Tell Pure Barre SMG Survey

  • The survey does not require a special code to begin
  • Participants can review the Privacy Policy and Terms
  • The survey provides a handy progress bar for status
  • Begin at www.tellpurebarre.smg.com



Anyone who has ever taken an online customer satisfaction survey knows that many of them require some sort of special code or number (such as the Tell Tri Star SMG Survey).  While this may be the case for most online surveys, the Tell Pure Barre SMG Survey does things a bit differently.  For instance, in order to begin the survey customers need only click the Start button to go straight to the questions.  Once the questions appear, participants can use the Next button to move forward with the survey.  Meanwhile, participants will need to use the back button from their browse to revisit a question (always best practice to make sure the most accurate answer was provided!).      


An Informative Look at Pure Barre

  • The company is far and away the largest barre franchise in North America
  • Pure Barre currently has more than 500 studios (a real industry go-getter!)
  • Customers can participate in both Pure Barre’s in-studio and online classes
  • Pure Barre is part of the Catteron portfolio (a MASSIVE private equity firm)
  • The company’s world headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado 

Participants who want to get a better idea of how long they will be answering questions can take a look at the progress bar posted at the bottom of the Tell Pure Barre SMG Survey.  In addition to the progress bar, the survey also provides copies of its Terms and Privacy Policy.  Participants can access both of these by clicking the link located at the bottom right hand side of the page. 

Those with questions for Pure Barre can try writing to the company’s corporate offices in Denver, CO.


Pure Barre Corporate Office

  • 3001 Brighton Blvd, Suite 269
  • Denver, CO 80216


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