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Taking the Tell Tri-Star SMG Survey

  • Customers must enter receipt information to begin
  • The survey provides its Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Tri-Start Energy contact information is available


These days it seems like the act of providing an opinion comes naturally to most people (in some cases a bit TOO naturally).  Thankfully, Twice Daily & TFuel customers can put their opining abilities to good use with the Tell Tri-Star SMG Survey.  In order to begin the survey, customers must first locate the receipt received at a recent visit.  Once the receipt is located, customers can enter the store number, date of visit, time of visit, and transaction number.  After all of the required information is entered, the Start button can be tapped to begin answering questions (time to get down to the nitty-gritty!).

A Closer Look at Twice Daily

  • Twice Daily has been open for business since the turn of the century (2000)
  • The store has over 80 locations throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia
  • Tri-Star Energy, LLC locally owns and operates Twice Daily (the parent co.)
  • Twice Daily is currently on the verge of launching a Fresh Rewards loyal program

It should be pointed out that the Tell Tri-Star SMG Survey provides a calendar that customers can click to enter the date from the receipt (perhaps a bit easier than entering it manually).  In addition to the calendar, the survey also provides a copy of its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (just like the CBTL SMG Survey).  Customers can access both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking the links at the bottom right hand side of the survey.

Mouth-Watering Food Options at Twice Daily

  • Deli – Hungry customers can grab a sandwich or some fresh fruit (quick and easy)
  • Hot Foods – The store offers hot dogs, hot breakfast, toasted potatoes and more
  • Sweet Treats – Who’s ready for a fresh doughnut?  What about an obscure cookie?
  • Coffee – Customers can power through the long day with a variety of blends

The Tri-Star corporate offices are located in Nashville, TN.  Customers with questions for the company can try reaching out by mail correspondence or a through a phone call.

Tri-Star Energy Contact Information

  • 1740 Ed Temple Blvd.
  • Nashville, TN 37208
  • 615-313-3600


More opinions to get off the ole’ chest?

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