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How to Take Part in Treasure Cave Winning Crumbles

  • Participants must make a vote to earn entry to the promotion
  • The promotion consists of an Instant Win Game and sweeps
  • Participants stand a chance to win a variety of different prizes


Every once in a while a promotion requires its participants to cast a vote when entering.  For example, those who plan to enter the new Treasure Cave Most Valuable Crumbles promotion will need to vote for the recipe they wish to be crowned “Cheesy Champion”.  Once a vote is cast and registration is completed, participants will earn 1 Instant Win Game play for a chance at winning a $100 gift code or a serving bowl and spreader set.  In addition to the game play, participants will also earn 1 entry to a sweepstakes for a chance at winning a brand new smart TV (sure beats a serving bowl set!).

Treasure Cave Winning Crumbles:  A Look at the Treasure

  • The Approximate Retail Value of the 65″ LED 4k Smart TV is $799.99
  • There are a total of 20 $100 Fanatics gift codes available in the promotion
  • Each of the 100 available serving bowl sets have a value of $20.99
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of all prizes comes to $4,898.99

Whiled focused on the prizes, it should be mentioned that the promotion will decide the sweepstakes prize winner on or around April 1st, 2019.  Meanwhile, those who win an Instant Win Prize will find out immediately (hence the “instant” part of the name).  Participants who want to get a visual display of the available prizes can click the Prizes link posted at the bottom of the entry page.

More Details on the Promotion

  • Runs for about 3 months from January 2nd, 2019 through March, 31st, 2019
  • Participants are limited to 1 entry per person per email address per day
  • Participants cannot win more than 1 Instant Win Game Prize (share the fun!)
  • The sweepstakes winner will receive email notice within 10 days of the drawing
  • Unlike the Snickers Feedback promotion, it does not require a survey

In addition to the photos of the prizes, the entry page also includes a copy of the promotion’s Official Rules.  Finally, those with questions can try clicking the Customer Support link to pull up a brief list of FAQs.  Those who wish to change the language of the FAQs can do so by clicking the drop down box posted at the top right hand side of the page (English and Spanish are available).

Treasure Cave Winning Crumbles Sponsor

  • Saputo Cheese USA Inc.,
  • One Overlook Point, Suite 300
  • Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Online Entry

  • www.TreasureCaveWinningCrumbles.com

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