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TU Public Record Settlement ADR:  How to File Online

  • Class Members can review claim requirements before filing
  • The settlement provides claimants with easy online filing
  • Claimants can contact Class Counsel for filing assistance


An inaccurate judgement or tax lien can wreak havoc on a credit report.  Fortunately, consumers who believe they have been harmed by such an item appearing on a TransUnion report can now take action.  The TU Public Record Settlement ADR is now accepting claims at its online filing page.  Claimants who believe they are eligible for $1,500 in compensation can click the File a Claim tab to begin filing.  After clicking the tab, claimants must enter a name, address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of a SSN to proceed.  

More on the TU Public Record Settlement ADR

  • The settlement provides both Updating Claim and Ownership Claim filing
  • Claimants must provide documents that prove the adverse action was taken
  • Claimants may also provide a written statement describing the adverse action
  • The settlement provides an addition $500 offer for TransUnion disputes

In order to receive the additional $500 offer, claimants must first satisfy all requirements for the initial Updating Claim or Ownership Claim.  Additionally, claimants must show the TransUnion dispute was not satisfied in their favor and that an adverse action was taken at least 60 days following the end of the dispute.

A Few More Things to Consider

  • Claimants must file their claims no later than the March 20th, 2020 deadline
  • The Administrator will have 21 days to decide whether a claim  is complete
  • Claimants will receive notice in the event they have filed an incomplete claim
  • The Administrator will forward complete claims to TransUnion for review

After receiving a claim from the Administrator, TransUnion will have 21 days to verify information make a decision on whether or not the claimant will receive an offer.  Claimants who accept the offer must sign a release and return a W-9.  TransUnion will send payment approximately 30-45 days after receiving the release and W-9.  Claimants with questions about the payment or claim process can contact Class Counsel for assistance.

TransUnion Settlement Class Counsel Address

  • 763 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Suite 1A
  • Newport News, VA 23601


  • www.TUPublicRecordSettlementADR.com

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