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How to Sign Up for USPS Daily Tracking

  • Customers must enter the code found on the mailing to begin
  • USPS provides Frequently Asked Questions on Informed Delivery
  • Customers can call customer service for further assistance


Knowing exactly what’s going on with a package is a top priority for many consumers this time of year.  As luck may have it, USPS is now offering a service that makes this lofty demand possible.  Not only does Informed Delivery allow customers to track packages, but the service also provides actual images of letter-sized mail.  Furthermore, the pictures of the letters may be available IN COLOR (depending on the mailer).  Customers who wish to sign up for the service can begin by finding the unique code found on the mail invitation letter.

More on Using Informed Delivery for USPS Daily Tracking

  • Customers can find out what’s coming in the mail anytime and anywhere
  • The Informed Delivery app is available to be downloaded on mobile devices
  • Informed Delivery requires that customers live in one of the eligible areas
  • Customers who don’t have a uniquely coded address may be unable to sign up
  • Informed Delivery is available to customers with a PO Box in an eligible area

Once the customer finds the unique code they can enter it across the two blank fields at the USPS daily tracking registration page.  Subsequently, the Validate button can be clicked to proceed with Informed Delivery registration.

A Few More Notes on Informed Delivery USPS Daily Tracking

  • Customers who cannot verify identity online can go to USPS Identity Proofing
  • USPS currently does not offer Informed Delivery to businesses (maybe some day!)
  • Customers should begin receiving notifications within 3 days of registration

Finally, Informed Delivery has its own set of FAQs linked at the bottom of the USPS daily tracking registration page.  In addition to the FAQs, customers can also try calling USPS additional assistance.  In either case, customers should be able to find the answers they need.

USPS Customer Service

  • 800-275-8777



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