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How to Take Advantage of the USPS Workshop

  • Customers can make note of USPS shipping deadlines
  • USPS Workshop provides FREE Priority Mail boxes
  • Customers can purchase special holiday stamps


It’s the time of year where mail becomes an even more important service.  In fact, USPS has created a special online hub just for the occasion.  The USPS workshop is now in full swing and is set to provide some very sweet perks.  For instance, customers can now use the workshop to get FREE Priority Mail boxes.  In addition to the Priority Mail boxes, the workshop also provides free prepaid Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.  Customers who need a free box or two can begin by clicking the Buy Supplies tab.

Examples of Free Boxes Available at the USPS Workshop

  • Priority Mail Regional Rate Box – A large box available in packs of 10 or 25
  • DVD Box – A Priority Mail box specially made for the shipping of DVDs
  • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box – A small box measured at 5-3/8 X 8-5/8
  • Dual Use Priority Mail – Available for Regular Priority Mail or Express
  • Shoe Box – A Priority Mail box designed with footwear in mind

As a way to illustrate just how convenient the USPS workshop is, one must consider the shipping deadline tool.  Customers who wish to be reminded of these important cut-off dates can click the Add to Your Calendar button.  Rather than using the tool, customers can also opt to simply write down the deadlines (they are posted directly below the tool).

Besides the free boxes and the deadline tool, the USPS Workshop also offers special holiday stamps.  Customers who wish to get their hands on some of these beauties can begin by clicking the Buy Holiday Stamps button.  Once the button is clicked a new page will appear that shows a complete list of available stamps.

Customers with questions can try combing the FAQs linked at the bottom of the workshop.  Conversely, the USPS also provides toll-free technical support.

USPS Technical Support

  • 800-344-7779
  • USPS support is available from 8 AM and 8:30 PM ET Monday through Friday
  • Customers can also call for support on Saturdays between 8 AM and 6 PM ET


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