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Well at Newell:  New & Existing Users

  • All users must register for access to the new portal
  • Registered users can reset their login credentials online
  • Users can contact the Newell Benefits Center for help


For the most part, a new and improved product or service is usually a good thing.  However, that doesn’t mean the improvements always come effortlessly.  For instance, those who need to access the brand new Well at Newell portal must register for a new User ID and password (regardless of whether they’re a new user or not).  In order to do so, the user must first click the link located above the login fields.  Next, a SSN, date of birth, and zip code must be entered before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the registration.

Okay, I’m registered for Well at Newell.  Now what??

  • First, go ahead and complete a friendly pat on the back to celebrate a job well done
  • Second, registered users can enter a User ID and password to login to the portal
  • Finally, the portal provides User ID and password recovery help for existing users
  • *Those who require more than a pat on the back should consider a celebratory snack break

Portal users who are in need of password recovery help can click the links located below the login fields to begin a reset (just like the My Siemens Benefits portal).  Once the user clicks one of the recovery links, a new screen will appear where they can enter a SSN, date of birth, and zip code to begin.

So what are some of the brands that make up Newell Brands?

  • Elmer’s – Let’s face it, that old cow has helped most of us create some pretty cool stuff
  • Sharpie – It’s likely the first thing that comes to mind when more than a pen is needed
  • Paper Mate – Because a blank sheet of paper just isn’t whole until it finds its mate
  • Mr. Sketch – Sometimes it’s a good idea to add some color AND scent to the project

Those with questions about portal access can try reaching out to the Newell Brands Benefits Center at 833-463-9355.  Meanwhile, those with questions of a more corporate-nature, can try contacting the Newell Brands headquarters.

Newell Brands Headquarters

  • 221 River St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
  • 201-610-6600


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