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Wells Fargo Activate Card Portal:  How to Activate a Debit Card

  • Customers will need to login to their online banking account to begin
  • The portal provides online login credential recovery assistance
  • New customers will need to enroll in online banking


The excitement of receiving a new debit card can often be ruined by a tedious activation process.  Therefore, many customers are opting to skip the phone call and activate their debit cards the easy way:  ONLINE.  For example, many Wells Fargo customers will likely choose to activate their new debit card through the bank’s online activation portal.  In order to begin, customers will first need to login to their online banking account (similar to the Capital One Activate portal).  This can be done by simply entering a username and password before clicking the Login button.  Once logged into online banking, customers will be allowed to proceed with their debit card activation.

Wells Fargo Activate Card Portal:  Attention New Customers

  • Customers new to online banking will need to enter either a card or loan number
  • Online banking enrollment also requires the customer to enter either a SSN or ITIN
  • Customers should try to memorize their username and password (more secure)
  • Wells Fargo also provides mobile banking to customers who have enrolled

Customers who have yet to sign up for online banking can initiate enrollment directly from the Wells Fargo Activate Card portal.  In order to do so, the customer must click the Enroll Now button posted below the login fields.  Additionally, customers can recover part or all of their login information by clicking the Forgot Password/Username? link.

Customers with general questions about their debit card can dial 800-869-3557 for assistance.  Meanwhile, customers who need help with a loan can call 800-357-6675.  Those with general questions for the company can reach out to Wells Fargo’s corporate offices in San Francisco. 

Wells Fargo Corporate Offices Address

  • 420 Montgomery St.
  • San Francisco, CA 94104


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