Update: 11/25/2022 – Survey No Longer Available


Your Dining Voice Survey:  Let’s Begin

  • Participants must select a location to begin the survey
  • The survey provides an email address for support


A chance to review a dining experience should never be left “on the table” (sorry we couldn’t resist).  Those who agree (and have recently dined at an Aramark location) can now heed the call to action by taking the Your Dining voice survey.  In order to begin, it will first be necessary for the participant to select the location of the experience.  While there are many to choose from, the participant can narrow down the options by using the drop down lists to select a country, state/province, city, and location type.  Once the location has been confirmed the Next button can be clicked to proceed to the questions.  By the way, the survey is only 4 questions long so don’t worry about whether it will fit into the ever so busy schedule.

Aramark in a Nutshell

  • Origins of the company date back to the 1930’s and a man selling peanuts from a car
  • The company was initially referred to as Automatic Retailers of America (hence the ARA)
  • The official name change from Ara Services to Aramark took place in 1994 (good decision)
  • The company began its 2nd stint of the New York stock exchange in 2001 (short-lived)
  • In 2013 Aramark became only the 4th company in U.S. history to list publicly 3 times

Participants with questions about the Your Dining Voice survey can click the Survey Support link to send an email inquiry.  In addition to support link, the survey also provides privacy information under the Privacy Policy link (as does the Tell Tom’s Urban survey).

A Few Places the Your Dining Voice Survey Covers

  • Arizona State University – Take a break from the vigorous studying and provide some opinions
  • Boulder Community Hospital – For some reason hospitals often serve the best meals
  • Coppin State University – The Majestic Eagles fly high on the wings of Aramark catering

Participants with general questions for Aramark can click the Other Contact Info link posted at the bottom of the survey.  Once the participant clicks the link, a new page will appear that shows a variety of contact numbers for the company.

Aramark Corporate Offices

  • 1101 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • 215-238-3000


Another Chance to Opine